Happy to be Alive

Now, don’t get your hopes up.  This isn’t about some death-defying adventure or situation fraught with anxiety.  Last night I was speaking with a friend, someone who I started out working with years ago, and have kept in touch with through our daughters, and now more so with her, as our two girls have grown apart.  She had recently moved back to my town, after about 8 months, and had been looking for a job for some time.  This is a woman, I may say, who I have always regarded with high respect.  She has always been a pre-school teacher, but with a background in art education.  She had, in fact, been an art teacher in her country of origin.  She is a highly creative, and passionate woman.  What struck me last night, however, was her enthusiasm for life.  I hadn’t spoken to her in a while, yet we live literally 2 minutes from each other.  I inquired about her job hunt, to which she replied with an enthusiastic yes.  She had found a job at a another pre-school, in a different area than before.  I have taught pre-school.  Its hard and demanding.  The kids are challenging because of their young age.  The pay is ridiculous.  It hovers around minimum wage.  But my friend was so happy to have found a job, and her enthusiasm carried through the phone and made me feel as happy as she was.  It struck me that she was always so intensely passionate about her opinions, and feelings.  You can feel her alive-ness even when she is not speaking (no it’s not a real word but it describs her better than any other).  When she has a situation which would send most people into a state of anxiety, like changing locale’s  with no job prospects, she seems to always look on the bright side.  Most people say they do, but then we all have days where we feel like nothing we do makes a difference and there is no way out of our bad situations.  My friend though, is one in a million, and truly is just happy to be alive, no matter where life takes her.  Which I am very glad happened to be near my path.


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