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Summer vacation

Summer?  When was that?  It’s been a busy summer around my house.  Not a terrible summer with no fun at all.  No, we have had out share of fun.  It’s just been too busy for words.  Literally I haven’t had much time to write.  Not only that, but I haven’t felt much like writing.  I haven’t been able to get that quietness in the brain which I find necessary for writing.  It’ll come back soon enough.  Sort of like that stray cat you feed.  It leaves for a month or so hoping to get tastier food or mice in another yard and you miss it.  Once it comes back it’s kind of nice.  (that comparison was for my parents, who seem to have an endless line of strays wander through their yard most likely befriended by their own cat Shadow.)  So I have stretched my brain today and decided to do a wee bit of writing. 

Its been a summer of little vacation time.  Since we are going to Florida in the fall though, that was acceptable.  I did manage to take the kids on some day trips, and get away for a weekend without them.  (They are enjoying the beach for a week.  Lovely)

Since we haven’t really done any travelling since March, my boyfriend started his usual muttering about needing to get away.  We share the same love of travel but I have less time.  So we decided on a quick weekend to Northern Pennsylvania.  Some friends of ours had told us about a wonderful place up north with a big gorge and beautiful scenery, so we decided to check it out for ourselves.

After 5 and a half hours of driving, we got to the cleanest town I have ever been to.  It was like a set out of a show from the 60’s or actually reminded me a little of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ without the snow, because of the wide main street.  It was littered with bed and breakfasts in quaint old houses, little shops and a really amazing diner with the best hamburger I have had in a long time. 

We did a bike ‘n’ hike.  We biked a few miles, then hiked about a mile (no that’s not much) up a huge hill..maybe it was considered a mountain, it certainly seemed like it to me.  It gave us an amazing view of the valley and an understanding of why it was called the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. 

After resting for a while, and regaining the feeling in my legs, we started back down the slope.  I think gravity had quite an effect on us.  We felt quite proud of ourselves for climbing this enormous rocky mound. We did our best to ignore the kids scampering up the paths like little mountain goats.  At the bottom, after realizing I had lost my feet somewhere along the way, we hopped back on our bikes, went back down the trail and were in bed that night by 8 o’clock. 

The next day was another drive home.  Even though the weekend was physically exerting, sweat inducing and dirty, it left us invigorated and relaxed.  I think I can feel like at least we did something for the summer.  Although it is not ended, and I still plan on going to the beach at least one more time, before September 21st, I am ready for school.  Are the kids??




The ‘Like’ Epidemic

You are probably assuming I am talking about Facebook.  That would be incorrect.  I am talking about that one word which most of us probably grew up using.  Like, don’t you remember seventh grade?  When I was 13 it was THE WORD.  Not so much now.  I really had assumed it was sort of dying out.  I had systematically weaned it out of my own system upon graduating high school.  I blissfully forgot about the word, except when talking to my one friend who is worse than an 80’s movie.  I forgot until about a year ago.  Maybe a year and a half.  I noticed my daughter (who just turned ten) using it.  Once in a while.  I thought, ok so I guess the word is used once in a while.  It wasn’t so bad.  Now…I hear at least two ‘Likes’ in every sentence.  She sounds like a Valley girl on pixie sticks.  I know the younger set has their own slang, so why fall back on one which has been overused to the max.  I long to shove cotton in my ears whenever she starts with her ‘likes’.  I’m not really sure if this is still “THE WORD’ across the board.  I don’t really hear her friends using it as much.   I would love to tell her she sounds like a broken record when she gets on a roll, but she wouldn’t know what that was anyway. I can only keep my fingers crossed that she finds a different word to overuse, because this one should have gone out with the 20th century.  Please, please don’t let THE WORD rub off on me.  I, like, couldn’t stand it if it did.


I have developed a new addiction this summer.  It’s Wawa frozen cappuccino.  I drink it at least once or twice a week.  Yes that’s a binge for me, being one of those people who hate getting out of the car once its started.  As a rule I’m not much of a coffee drinker.  I grew up in a house where an ice-cold coffee cup staring at you from the bathroom counter was not a surprise.  However, it was coffee with chicory, something I never was able to wrap my taste buds around.  (Sorry Mom!)  Since I have been old enough to need that jolt of caffeine in the morning (15) I have been a tea drinker.  As a rule I am a bit picky.  If I am super tired, it’s PG tips, nice and robust, and if I have actually had a good night sleep, I go with an english breakfast (preferably Twinings).  So I’m a bit of a snob.  It’s allowed.  Anyway, apart from those powdered flavored coffee drinks, the only coffee I really ever drank was an occasional mochaccino or something equally sugary.  That is until I stumbled upon the frozen cappuccino concoction in Wawa,  They have regular, mocha, even mocha caramel.  Its got enough of a coffee taste to satisfy, but so sweet and well, just plain yummy.  Did I mention the real whipped cream?  It’s real.  I can tell.

After having a pretty decent day at work (the first since, well, mid-June), and being able to leave on time, and by that I mean in time to catch the Beatles Break on the classic rock radio station, I decided I wanted to get a coffee.  Like I said, I hate getting out of the car once I am driving.  It’s not really laziness.  Not really.  I remembered once getting some sort of Christmasy drink at McDonald’s this past december and it was pretty good, so i went there and got one of the frozen coffee drinks.  Not too bad, not as good of course, but not bad at all.  Not real whipped cream.  But, what can you do, some things are worth the sacrifice, like getting out of the car.  Next time I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and stop the engine for my real whipped cream.  Tomorrow I think I will go for a PG tips and save the Wawa trip for the weekend.