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The First Two Weeks

Well, we are two week’s into the school rush.  So far, we have survived.  And well, I might add!  This year is definitely an improvement over last year in terms of the social scene.  And really what else is there at 10?  In fact she has several friends to hang out with from the neighborhood and, being advanced enough for be in grade 5, she gets to walk to school after I have left for work. 

My other little red-head has never been a worry.  She is in her second year of Kindergarten, having graduated from special ed with flying colors last year.  Her only bother is that now her older sister flies down the street to her friend’s the minute we get home.

I am finding lunch making easier this year, the morning rush is not quite so rush-y (yep that’s a word in my dictionary) and ,well,  homework is being done after school.  I can’t ask for anything more than two happy busy girls.