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I am a lawless woman

Life always seems to throw a few curve balls in it either when everything is going along swimmingly, or when you are already stressed and may not want the extras.  However life being very generous in this case, decided I was too much of boring old law-abider.  I recently discovered that my inspection sticker on my car had expired.  No biggie.  I can just go to the inspection station down the street on their late day and take care fo that.  Not so fast…there is no more late day.  Sigh, so I decided I would have to wait until the weekend.  Which was fine.  I don’t drive like a maniac.  Not really.  Until the day that I go to the station, I have been very well-behaved on the road.  I’m not even shouting at other drivers.  I just found out, in casual conversation, that there was a motor vehicle agency by my work place, so armed with documents, I can’t wait to go tomorrow f I can get out of work at lunch.   Seems like there s some truth in things happening in threes.

I discovered this past week that I also had forgotten about jury duty.  Oops.  I called as soon as I received the dreaded pink “YOU FAILED TO RESPOND” card in the mail.  I really meant to do it.  I just left the paperwork somewhere.  If it’s in my car it may never surface, since that place is about as murky as the swamps on Degobah.  However I now can feel as virtuous as ever about jury duty (does one ever feel virtuous about jury duty?) and hope I don’t have to serve.  (Hey vacation is coming up!)

And now for life’s third little sneaky trick.  Actually for this one the library police will be hauling my daughter away.  You got it, she lost a library book.  Not even a very enjoyable one according to her.  That doesn’t make it any less of an expense.  I went in today and duly paid her fine.

I am holding my breath until I get my car inspected.  But I am pretty sure I am not wanted anymore.  I hope.  So far, life has been pretty kind, let’s just keep on the good side of her at least until I get that pretty little inspection sticker.