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The Sandman

When my daughter asked me if I knew who the Sandman was this past Sunday night, I absently replied yes, thinking she meant the Marvel villain.  Nope, she meant the one who helps us insomniacs to sleep.  I asked her why she wanted to know, and she said she and her sister had seen the new movie that came out recently.  It has Sandman and a bunch of other childhood characters, like the tooth fairy and Easter Bunny. (Well, I imagine he’s in the movie)  It looked like a good movie so I can’t wait until it comes out on Netflix.  I didn’t really put much thought into my daughter’s query until the following morning when I was ironing her clothes.  No, I’m not very domesticated, but it’s a good bribe on a cold morning when your kids refuse to get out of bed.  Warm clothes are a must.  As I was ironing her clothes, a slip of paper fell out of her blanket.  It read “I love you Sandman” on it.  She said sadly that the Sandman was supposed to take the paper. Hmm, I didn’t know the Sandman was still on active duty.  I told her he was probably pretty busy that night.  We made sure to keep the slip of paper on her pillow for the next night, Monday.  I guess even the Sandman likes to know he is remembered once in a while. 

So later that night when I was going to bed, I slipped past her creaky door and retrieved the paper.  I scrawled a little note back in a different handwriting and put it back right where she could see it.  The next day she did find the note.  Being able to read most simple sentences, she was gratified to know that he remembered to visit her and even knew her name.  “You know how he knew my name, Mommy?” she asked.  I said no I didn’t.  “Santa told him.”  With that, Sandman has slipped back into the recesses of her mind.  Apparently there must be a clubhouse that Santa and all his buds hang out in, talking about the kids.  If I had know that as a kid I would have had a lot more letters to write.

I wonder how she will react when the tooth fairy starts visiting her.



Back in the Saddle Again …. almost

One of my friends asked me just the other day if I had been writing much lately.  I said I had not.  But that now things are calming down in the workplace and I was actually starting to have ‘writery’ thoughts and recently even spent a happy lunch hour reviewing the story I have been working on for several thousand years (so it feels),  I decided to come visit my lonely blog.  Its been so neglected I am surprised it has waited for me.  If I were my blog I would have found a new owner.    The date of the last post I wrote was the 9th of October.  Gah!  That’s too long.  I apologized to my blog and promised never to abandon it again for so long.  I’m sort of on probation I think.  It hasn’t really forgiven me yet but I’m hopeful.    

With the promise of a long weekend ahead, I think I will try to marshal my scattered thoughts and try to do some more reviewing and writing.  I almost feel like I am inching my way back into the pool after a long cold winter, and the water is still chilly.  It’s going to take a while but I know once I’m in I won’t want to get out. 

While I am on a roll, I think I’ll go reread some more of my writing.  Hey maybe I can keep this up and bloggy (I know, its sooo un-original) will soon forget this month and a half of neglect.  

It’s good to be back.  Almost