I am a divoriced mother of two with a full time job in the accounting field.  I hold a bachelors in medieval studies and hope to move away from accounting in the future.  I have always loved writing but it’s been difficult to fit it into a busy life style lately when my brain turns off by 8 p.m.  This site is a collection of some samples and pieces of writing I have done over the years and continue to do in hopes of expanding my experience and enabling me to enter the world of freelance writing.  In the near future I hope to take some freelance writing courses and writer’s workshops to gain more experience and insight.  After several weeks of adding posts, I think I probably should have somehow included the word ‘mom’ in the name of the blog somehow, because it seems like most of my posts are about my kids.  But then that’s really the thing (ok two things) I think most about, my kids.    They do tend to make life interesting .  Please feel free to share your own views or funny kid bits, because I love hearing that maybe someone else has a 5 year old who decided she wanted Abraham Lincoln as her boyfriend.

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