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Kids on Religion


In an age when most of our 9 year olds can manipulate our smart phones better than us, it is refreshing to come across a situation which is humorously innocent.  During the summer my daughter had befriended several girls her own age who lived near her father.  I would hear about them from time to time, glad that she had someone to play with besides her younger sister.  Apparently the girls had come of an age where they had successfully completed their first communion.  This momentous event was unknown to my daughter since we went to a church which did not celebrate that particular milestone.  She asked me about it several times and I explained that it was something that some churches did and some did not.  I told her we went to a church which gave communion at any age.  That was that, or so I thought.  One evening after her father had dropped her off, she mentioned that her step brother was also going to be having his first communion shortly.  She informed me that he had told her she was not allowed to take communion until the first communion was completed and that we were sadly misinformed.  WhenI calmly explained that we can take communion at our church, for the 17th time, she promptly  exhibited a category 3 tantrum.   She demanded to be taken to any church which did have first communion classes, immediately, otherwise she would never be able to take the sacrament again.  Deaf to my explanations and rationalizations, she finally admitted that she hadn’t taken communion since summer, several months before.  Apparently the little girls next door to her father’s house knew far more about religion than me, so I did the only thing that a parent, helpless in the face of  that particular stubbornness 9 year olds exhibit, can do.  I got the priest and deacon from our church to sit down and explain things to her since she couldn’t very well argue theology with them.  Fortunately for me, their conversations went well and I had no more histrionics about communion.  At least my 5-year-old daughter has a very different way of looking at  things.  As is her way she generally wanders between sunday school and the back of the church where I sit with the choir.  On one such occasion, she came up to me and whispered casually “Did I miss the drinkin’?” 

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