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Kids, Kids, Kids

At my company we have a social network.  It’s kind of useful. At times definitely amusing.  Like the time we all made up stories about velociraptors and Chuck Norris.  (Sometimes in accounting you have to make your day a little more interesting.)  For the most part, the site is used for professional reasons.  No, really it is. 

Today I  saw a poll come in requesting information for popular pastimes among the K-3rd grade set.  That was from the educational part of the company.  Of course I scrambled for my keyboard.  In about 30 seconds so had another 3 mothers apparently.  That got me to thinking, why is it so interesting to talk about our kids?  I could tell stories about them for hours, and I am sure anyone else who has a child, or a pet for that matter, probably could too.  My mother spends at least 10 minutes out of a phone conversation discussing her cats.  Which is fine by me, I love listening! 

Motherhood is amazing.  (I am sure fatherhood is as well, but, not being a man, I can’t compare.)  It can turn a young woman without a maternal bone in her body into a gushing, babytalking mom with a perpetual worry line.  And that can be me.  I long to talk to the other mothers I work with, hear all about their kids and compare funny stories or vent about pre-teen attitudes.  I used to have a coworker who sat at the desk next to me, thankfully she had three young grandchildren of similar ages to my kids, and we would go on for hours.  I’m sure everyone in the vicinity was bored to tears. 

It’s a phenomenon similar to what seems to happen when groups of men get together.  They don’t even know each other and yet they become life long buddies in a matter of minutes over the ball game  (doesn’t matter, pick any sport)  Moms can pick each other out, and not just because of the dark circles under their eyes.  We finally have a common ground and it feels good.  Maybe that’s why it’s so enjoyable to swap stories. 

Sometimes it’s not really much of a story, just a funny saying, like when my daughter said she wanted to tell Jesus he had nice hair.  Or when she told my oldest and I that her boyfriend was Abraham Lincoln.  (She isn’t going to live that one down any time soon.)

What funny stories about your little rug rats keep you smiling throughout the day?  Do family members scramble to get out of your way when you enter a room in fear of your anecdotes?  I’m sure mine do!



I am undisputedly a cat person.  That’s not to say I don’t love a lot of other animals.  I just love my cat, and all my previous cats the most.  I grew up with a dog, many cats, a rabbit, and a mouse, not all at the same time though.  As an adult I adopted two cats who have sadly passed out of my life and a silly German Shepard for a few years.  Now our family of 3 is matched by two guinea pigs and a cat.  I would love a dog at some point when I don’t have small children, so maybe in 10 years.  Cats, though, make a lot of people uncomfortable because of their superior attitude and independence.  They generally don’t rush up to you at the door, follow you around or look at you with adoring eyes.  They come when they want to, rip your couch up and don’t need any help attending to their bathroom needs or bath, thank you very much.  In all of my years and at least 15 cats though, it has become clear how often this is a misconception.  Yes, there are definitely cats who are stereotypical and I respect them for that  in fact I love a cat’s sense of independence.  But the majority of my cats have been goofy, affectionate, and quite loud at times. 

The cat that now shares our living space is interestingly loveable.  We adopted her from the local shelter about 2 years ago as a kitten.  She’s a half Maine Coon, which is a large breed, sometimes reaching into the 20 plus pound size.  She is positively diminutive at 13 pounds.  I would have to say I have never had such a happy cat.  She purrs constantly, only while she purrs she likes to bite and play, very roughly.  She sleeps on my bed at night, and while not a lap cat, loves to be brushed and petted, until she starts acting like my hand is a rabbit.  She loves playing hide and seek and tag as well.  With two young children, she might be considered a risky pet to have, but she is incredibly patient with my little one,who has gone from being able to scoop up the tiny kitten that she first was to barely being able to stagger down the hall with poor Oreo the cat.   Needless to say my fears were unfounded . Oreo seems to know who to be gentle with and generally submits to adorations that would infuriate the mildest or personalities.   Cats always do seem to have a special sense for sickness as well.  I know that my daughters would be thrilled to have more cats, and so would I, if space were not at a premium.  Mostly I think our cat would not allow another one in the house.  I know we will have many more feline companions pass through our lives, but I hope to be a one cat family for a while.  No more guinea pigs either…..