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Love of Science Fiction

I’ve been a fan of science fiction my entire life.  Growing up, I must have read every Ray Bradbury and Arthur C. Clark book my mother owned, in addition to the other numberous paperbacks stacked on our many book shelves.  I don’t even remember most of the names now, but they were always favorites.  As I grew older I moved on to the mystery genre, but maintained my love of science fiction, especially when it came to movies.  When you bring up science fiction or sci-fi, most people think Star Trek or Star Wars.  There are so many other movies, shows and books, but Star Trek definitely started a trend in my life.  After swearing that I would never watch it (scarred at age 7 by ‘Star Trek II’), I fell in love with its second series in later years.  From that I progressed backwards to the original series.  Although I have watched all the series’ faithfully, it’s the original that holds the most fascination for me. (There, a Spock reference.) I loved the quirky, cheesy lines, and appreciate the creativity that went into making special effects when there were no CGI characters.  I also find it wonderful that many things we use today in everyday life were conceived of by fans of the original series.   I did always want a cell phone which beeped when I flipped it up.  I moved on to other shows, and read other books though, staying away from some of the more depressing bleak visions of the future.  Throughout the years, another show which is definitely considered sci-fi, but hardly about the future, or the past, is of course Doctor Who.  My family has always been faithful watchers of this show, which is so varied in its storylines and characters that there is no trend which I hope humans follows as we progress into the 21st century.  But it is  a highly entertaining show and one which I have started my daughters on at a young age.  Some science fiction is actually quite believable, and others, we wish were possible.  The vision of the future that Star Trek has developed is very positive, though not at all idealistic.  According to the creators of that future, of which Gene Roddenberry is the foremost, there are tough times, and wars, but in the end, it looks like a pretty good future.  We even have whales in our oceans all thanks to Captain Kirk and his cohorts.    I find that fellow lovers of science fiction pop in and out of my life, and it is quite gratifying to bond with them over reminiscences of our favorite episodes of Star Trek, or recommendations of books.  I think that on the whole, many lovers of science fiction tend to be fairly optimistic people.  Perhaps that is why we find one another.  I don’t have much time to watch or read all the sci-fi (or mysteries) that I used to, but I always find myself grabbing an old Arthur C. Clark (or Agatha Christie) when in need of some relaxation.   In writing this post, I hope that it reaches other fans of science fiction and cheers their day as perhaps it triggers a memory or two of their favorite show or book.  As my favorite character would say “Live Long and Prosper”.