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Writing and Formatting and Publishing, oh my!

I love to write. I try to write when I have time, or don’t have time, or when I get in that mood where the words have got to come out or make my head explode. I don’t like dealing with things that happen without my permission, like words being indented, or skipping lines, or, worse than anything, page numbers. These, I have discovered, are the true enemy.

Last week, after many years of writing, revising, and fighting with my computer, I finally became a published author. I went the independent route. I like being independent. Except for the page number part, which, having a ‘Word-savvy’ mother, wasn’t the end of the world.

It’s neat to be able to go into Amazon and see my book. It’s even available in Kindle, so I’m not hopelessly old-fashioned. The whole process was actually pretty painless. I complain, but if page numbers are your worst enemy, you’re not doing very badly at all.

All in all, the writing took about six years, and revising took another year, and the publishing, a mere three weeks. I am hoping to beat that record by a year or two next time!

Please check it out!



Changing Gears

For the past months, I have been patiently and minutely rereading, rewriting, and revising the novel I have been working on for … about 5 years.  It’s getting there slowly.  It’s difficult to do when the only time I have is lunch hour at work and the occasional free block of time at home, and that’s rare.  Usually at night my brain just protests any demand I make on it.  I am happy with the story though, in general, and can’t wait to see what my ‘editor’ (ahem, Dad) thinks of the newest revisions.  Its historical.  Sort of fits in with my love of history.  However, there is a certain satisfaction in not having to research things so much because they happened a hundred years ago.  Even in fiction, I want it to be sort of realistic.  I have other ideas that float around in my head waiting their turn, not all steeped in the past.  Those bits of paper and backs of envelopes that have  ideas I have scrawled in a brief enlightened moment.  One idea that I have played around with takes place in the actual present day.  I have mulled it over for a few years.  It’s sort of inspired by a song that I love.  I have made a few attempts at the story and have gotten a little closer.  Today though, I started an outline.  Well as outline-y as I get, and that’s not much.  I think I just need a change of scene once in a while, so while I am continuing on with my revisions of the still unnamed historical drama, I’ll dip into the present day once in a while and get going on this project.  Maybe in about 20 years It will be done.