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I am now considered by some to be “one of those outdoorsy types”?

This assumption that I am an outdoorsy type of person started on a recent trip to Las Vegas. (the un-outdoorsy capital of the world)  It’s actually the third time I have made that trip.  On the second trip, my boyfriend and I booked a tour to the Grand Canyon and promptly fell in love with it, despite the 5 hour bus trip (each way) and the limited time we had to stroll along the south rim of the canyon.  We made a vow to return, and we did, just less than a year and a half later.  This time in early spring, when it wouldn’t be quite so hot.  We decided to rent a car so we could do some exploring on our own.  That was quite fun, although we put about 500 miles on the rental in the four days we were there.  Not exactly environmentally responsible, I know.  But the car did have good mileage.  We drove out to Arizona from Las Vegas, foolishly believing the tour company with whom we booked our helicopter ride.  They said it was best to drive to Arizona and then to the west rim of the canyon.  Apparently the tour company failed to provide road maps to their employees.  It was twice as long.  However, it was fun to drive, the desert has that stark beauty and the mountains are just incredible.  To be able to see them all around the car while driving took my breath away.  We stayed in a hotel at the edge of the Indian reservation and promptly fell asleep as soon as we unloaded the car.  The next morning, being completely turned around by the time zone changes, we woke early and drove another 2 and a half hours to the canyon for our helicopter ride.  This was beyond description.  I was fortunate enough to sit in the front seat of the helicopter and had a panoramic view of the canyon and the Colorado River.  I took video and photos but they don’t do it justice at all of course.  After this, we got to ride a boat on the Colorado River for a bit.  That was relaxing.  The views of the canyon walls rising up on either side with their red and brown ancient rock was amazing as well.  After the helicopter ride back up, we clambered around on a few well-chosen touristy sites and took pictures of ourselves dangling off rocks and such.  The next day was spent at the Hoover Dam.  Not quite as spectacular, but  jokes about the ‘Dam tour’ are always amusing.  After that we explored some other hiking areas.  We still enjoyed several indoors activities, the ones Vegas is famous for like shows and dinners and casinos with overpriced shops.  In a casual conversation with the concierge of our hotel, the matter of our travel plans came up.  After hearing what we had done and were still planning, she nodded solemnly, smiled and said “Oh, you guys are outdoorsy people.”  Well, I wouldn’t consider myself so, but it’s all relative isn’t it?