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Too Many Cakes

It’s been way to long since I have written a post. I have lots of excuses. I’ve been working too hard, I’ve been lazy, I’ve been working on my book. Take one and run with it. But My Blog Buddy at thedomesticfringe.com just keeps going and that’s inspiration for ya. Check her out if you like clothes, jewelry, kids, humor, faith and many other subjects. So here it is 2014 and already May.
more cake
Many of you may be thinking that there is no such thing as too many birthday cakes. Well, sometimes there is. In the last two weeks we have had three birthday cakes, mostly eaten, and have two more on the planning board.
My daughters like to make cakes, so when one person has a birthday there are generally several cakes in the house. April is a busy month though so we have had cakes around until I am sick of seeing them. And that’s a big thing for me. This past weekend, we had my youngest red-head’s birthday. She turned 8, and wanted to copy her sister and have a Harry Potter themed Sleepover. I dutifully printed out Butter-beer labels, collected twigs for a wand making activity and bought crafty things to do, ’cause you don’t ever want to leave a bunch of 8 year old girls get bored, it’s just not a pretty sight. By 5.30 PM on Saturday we were as ready as ever. Snacks were assembled and the cake that my oldest had made was in the fridge (it’s a beach cake). I even curbed my desired to clean and let the major vacuuming go until the next day when I knew we would be wading in tissue paper and crumbs. Four 8-year-olds and two 11-year-olds in one house makes for a lot of noise. Corralling them is not n easy task either, kind of like herding cats. We all checked out the Butter-beer (root bear with labels) the chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts Beans. As for the activities, well the kids took some wooden dowels instead of my carefully collected twigs, and painted them, as well as some white tee shirts which I had gotten for the party.
Because tee shirts can only take so much glitter and paint they decided to become pixie fairy’s and used up several bottles of glitter. Some is still in my daughter’s hair.
fairy dust
Several hours and two uneaten pizzas later, we had cake, and cupcakes for the ‘eggless’ kids (There were two). After unwrapping presents and making more noise, they finally settled down to watch Frozen as my two friends and I collapsed on the couch. As it turned out only one party guest spent the night, and the morning after was calm and relaxing.
Next we will be celebrating my father’s birthday, which was last week. I don’t think there will be as much shrieking at that event. Well, probably not.


Locked out….again

The very first post I ever wrote was about me getting locked out of my house. It was a chilly but sunny spring day and due to a door malfunction, (yes it really WAS the door’s fault) I found myself locked out of my house with half of the groceries in the house on the kitchen floor. Over an hour and a soaked pair of pants later (car washing mishap) I was able to get back in the house thanks to a friend with a spare key. That was a good four years ago.

This time, it wasn’t the door’s fault, it was mine, and sort of my daughter’s. It was a simple case of talking to a friend as we left my house, and realizing after the door slammed that my keys were not in my purse. Never walk out distracted. Fortunately, I carry a spare to my car in a hidden place and have a garage door opener. So problem solved right? Wrong! My 6-year-old, always eager to be a help, in that 6-year-old rationale, raced ahead of me into the house. She wanted to be the hero of the hour and find the keys by herself. Thinking quickly, she slammed the door and locked me out so she could look for the keys herself. I pounded on the garage door while my friend pounded on the front door, both of us yelling and hollering to open up. Finally my threat of withholding a favorite cartoon hit home, she opened the door and we found the keys. While this was going on, my older daughter and her friend had wandered down the street, bent on raising money for one of their school clubs. Of course we were late for an appointment because these things don’t happen in the middle of a lazy afternoon. In a move which I thought was cooler than Tom Cruise’s in the MI movies, I grabbed my youngest, tossed her in the car while both of us moms each took a different route around the block to confront our eldest daughters. They simultaneously leaped into our respective cars and away we raced just in time for our appointment.

Frequently I have thought that parts of my life resemble a sitcom. But that day, I was pretty sure it was more like a cross between action and a Mr. Bean episode (without his yellow car).

Tooth Fairy Wisdom

My 6-year-old recently lost her first two teeth. She has become quite an expert on the habits of the Tooth Fairy. I suggested she write a post, but she declined, so I suppose I’ll take a whack at it. I have included a few facts which I have learned.

First, the Tooth Fairy is undoubtedly a lady. I assume the job is just to delicate and requires a steady hand.

Second, I learned that her wings are very fragile and she has issues when it gets too cold. I wonder if there is a strong market for wing warmers? This little factoid I came to suspect after watching the latest Tinkerbell movie. But the experts reinforced my suspicions.

The third and very important thing to know about our favorite tooth hunter; she is so tiny that the heavy fancy bags sometimes used for the teeth are too heavy for her. She is a tiny little glowing fairy and can’t lift those heavy bags. So remember, parents, beware of gimmicks claiming to help the Tooth Fairy find those little teeth. I suggest a very light cotton drawstring, maybe a barbie purse or something similar might be useful.

I also learned that the good fairy must be pretty patient. My daughter, so proud of yanking her second tooth, (she was afraid she would swallow it like the first one) she brought it to school for a day before actually leaving it for the Tooth Fairy. She still made out well. The price for teeth has certainly gone up.

The First Two Weeks

Well, we are two week’s into the school rush.  So far, we have survived.  And well, I might add!  This year is definitely an improvement over last year in terms of the social scene.  And really what else is there at 10?  In fact she has several friends to hang out with from the neighborhood and, being advanced enough for be in grade 5, she gets to walk to school after I have left for work. 

My other little red-head has never been a worry.  She is in her second year of Kindergarten, having graduated from special ed with flying colors last year.  Her only bother is that now her older sister flies down the street to her friend’s the minute we get home.

I am finding lunch making easier this year, the morning rush is not quite so rush-y (yep that’s a word in my dictionary) and ,well,  homework is being done after school.  I can’t ask for anything more than two happy busy girls. 


The ‘Like’ Epidemic

You are probably assuming I am talking about Facebook.  That would be incorrect.  I am talking about that one word which most of us probably grew up using.  Like, don’t you remember seventh grade?  When I was 13 it was THE WORD.  Not so much now.  I really had assumed it was sort of dying out.  I had systematically weaned it out of my own system upon graduating high school.  I blissfully forgot about the word, except when talking to my one friend who is worse than an 80’s movie.  I forgot until about a year ago.  Maybe a year and a half.  I noticed my daughter (who just turned ten) using it.  Once in a while.  I thought, ok so I guess the word is used once in a while.  It wasn’t so bad.  Now…I hear at least two ‘Likes’ in every sentence.  She sounds like a Valley girl on pixie sticks.  I know the younger set has their own slang, so why fall back on one which has been overused to the max.  I long to shove cotton in my ears whenever she starts with her ‘likes’.  I’m not really sure if this is still “THE WORD’ across the board.  I don’t really hear her friends using it as much.   I would love to tell her she sounds like a broken record when she gets on a roll, but she wouldn’t know what that was anyway. I can only keep my fingers crossed that she finds a different word to overuse, because this one should have gone out with the 20th century.  Please, please don’t let THE WORD rub off on me.  I, like, couldn’t stand it if it did.

One Decade

Today marks a momentous event.  It’s the day my daughter was born, ten years ago.  Needless to say I am still having difficulty with the fact that she is 10 now.  I realized how much I am having difficulty when she came downstairs Saturday morning before her party with eye shadow and eyeliner on.  AT TEN YEARS OLD. Of course she knows she is not allowed out with make up but that doesn’t stop her from applying shiny layers of garish pink to her lips every night and carefully patting it off on little scraps of paper which she leaves thoughtfully all over her dresser.

Although today is the actual BIG day, and I should probably stock up on hair dye since I’ll be needing that in the next year or nine of tween and teen drama, we did have a small party for her on Saturday.  Having a summer birthday has always been a bit difficult since many of her friends are on vacations or at grandparent’s houses.  Fortunately three of her good friends and a younger sibling (who happens to be a playmate of my youngest) were able to come for a little party.  Since we are all still obsessed with Harry Potter, she wanted another Harry Potter party.

Last year, I was up most of the night before preparing.  I had made signs, bought candy and made chocolate frogs, prepared a sorting hat and game, and even had a little Knockturn Alley with a plastic eyeball and skull candle.  It was a fantastic party with wandmaking and lots of butterbeer (cream soda).

This year I didn’t have the energy and because my daughter was turning 10, I told her she could do most of the prep work.  The party was a smaller one, with a lot less decorating but the energy level was about the same.  That’s always a good sign.  Unfortunately it rained almost the whole day.  Fortunately it stopped a few hours before the end so we all were able to take her aunt’s suggestion of using the pool.  What a wonderful suggestion that was!  I don’t think my ears could take the noise much longer.   In spite of the rain and strange-looking ‘Hogwarts castle’ cake , The girls had a great time and I overheard my daughter telling her dad it was an “Awesome Party”.

The next day we spent recovering at my parents house and celebrating my mother’s birthday (which is also today).  I barely moved from the couch and dozed off several times.  I wondered briefly, if my own mother had felt this way on my tenth birthday.  But then I must have fallen back into a doze.

I think back to when I was ten years old, and it really doesn’t feel that long ago.  But I guess it really was.  My daughter is becoming such a young lady now.  She is her own funny, intelligent and talented person.   It’s a scary ride. I’m not sure that I like it going this fast, but I don’t think I can slow it down.  I only hope that the next ten years don’t go as fast, but I rather think they will.

My daughters are actually fish

Every day I keep telling myself I am going to actually use a computer for something other than work (which has become busier than the Parkway on a hot summer day).  That happened once last week.  My laptop has sat on the kitchen table for the last week  amid a pile of Gregory Peck postage stamps (a gift) and some dingy papers with notes of story ideas scrawled on them.  I check my email through my phone once in a while but that’s about it.  I’ve become a hermit.  I have finally found some energy and time to sit down and commune with my laptop.  It was missing me, I think.

So as not to wander too far from the title, I’ll tell you, well, brag a little, about my daughters and their fish like swimming skills.  Growing up, I was in the pool on a daily basis and also on the local swim team for several years, so swimming skill was taken for granted in the 8-year-old set.  However, my daughters do not attend any pool on a regular basis.  Until this year, summer camp consisted of a twice weekly day trip for a few hours.  The girls frequented their grandmother’s house too, which has a beautiful pool.  I have considered getting formal lessons for them for a few years, but something always took precedence.  Seeing them this weekend at their grandmother’s house however, I think they must be part fish.  They have red hair, so maybe they are descendents of the Disneyfied little mermaid.

For anyone who lives in the Northeast it was a hot sticky day and perfect for a poolside party.  Not having the good fortune to see them swim all the time, I was not surprised at their swimming ability but at their skill at using the ability to jump and dive. Ok maybe I was a little surprised at the ease with which my 6-year-old flung herself into the deep end and bobbed around.  They certainly have not mastered any of the traditional strokes, freestyle or butterfly, but they skittered through the water like little minnows.  I had a wonderful time sitting and watching them throw themselves through inner tubes into the water.  Their natural ability did make me wonder if maybe I should get them some swimming lessons after all.  But there is always next year.  And I would prefer, with all of our busy schedules to keep some time this summer for unstructured fun.  If the weather gets any hotter, I think we’ll all be swimming until December at this rate.