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My Happy Place

Yesterday I think I had the best idea of my whole life.  Really.  I decided to grab a few hoagies and the kids, and go down to the shore after work.  For all those non local’s, since I’m from New Jersey, it’s always ‘down’ the shore, even if it’s actually just travelling east.  I thought it would be a great idea because it was probably slightly hotter than the sun’s surface yesterday.  I didn’t realize however, how nice the water would be.  Going to the shore is a passion of mine.  My parents started it so I can blame them.  I can literally feel the stress lifting from my shoulders as soon as my toes hit the sand. 

We started off, I picked the closest beach, about an hour from our house;  hoping for no traffic along the way.  Since its pretty deserted there wasn’t any. Even close to the beach, the road was fairly clear.  It worked like a charm.  By 5.15 we were installed on the beach.  There were few umbrellas still up since most of the vacationers were getting ready for dinner.  My youngest had come straight from her kiddie pool so she was ready to go.  My oldest and I just wore shorts, not planning on getting wet. 

We found a good spot and set out our impromptu picnic.  Not that the girls were interested in dinner.  Hoagies don’t compare to the crashing waves and sand.  The water, like I said, was really nice.  I let it wash around my legs as the girls frolicked and turned cartwheels in the wet sand.  (Yes my oldest got her shorts soaked of course) I brought out my chair and sat, watching the girls for a good hour before we decided to eat.  That’s when I decided that the beach is definitely my happy place.   It had to have been the best evening we have had in a long time.  We stayed for a few hours, built a castle, which got washed away in the rising tide, and finally headed home.  I would love to do that every week.  Maybe we will.  The beach is one place which never gets boring.