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Well I’ve been muddling along, proofreading, editing, adding and taking away.  I’ve almost gotten my novel to where I can print it out and let a friend or a dad-proofreader take a look at it.  Here is a little part which I kind of like.  And yes a dad-proofreader is a real person. 🙂

The weather had turned slightly cooler, a pleasant change from the hot and sultry June.  The July sky was brilliant blue, framed in puffy white clouds; it accented the darkening green of summer foliage.   The first Saturday of July, Chloe decided to splurge a little of her meager savings on a new skirt and perhaps a shirt of two.  She had Fiona headed up to 6th Avenue to see what they could find.  Fiona had an eye for color and a flair for stretching her dollar, so Chloe knew they would find luck.

“How is your friend Hank doing?”  Chloe asked impishly, as they loitered on the sidewalk, enjoying the slight breeze which fluttered their skirts and swirled around their ankles. 

Fiona smiled broadly, her clear wide eyes shining with happiness.  “Oh, he is fine. Very busy naturally.  He, he’s been working hard to save; his uncle wants him to take over his butcher’s shop!  There is a grand apartment over the top of it.  And it’s only 6 streets up.”

“And has he told your parents that?”  Chloe inquired.  “You haven’t been overly talkative about him in front of me lately.”  She teased.

“Wellll, we haven’t exactly talked to my parents yet.  But we will.  Soon.  So I haven’t wanted to… jinks it, by saying anything to anyone”  Fiona sighed happily and tucked her arm through Chloe’s.  “What about you and James?”  She inquired with raised eyebrow.

“Um, what about us?”  Chloe couldn’t hide the burning flame rising up to her cheeks.  She had always detested the fact that she blushed so easily.  Her sister said she wore her emotions for the world to see. 

“Oh Chloe, a blind man would notice the way you too look at each other.”

“I wasn’t aware how obvious it was.”

Fiona laughed, “To a close friend surely it is.  Come, why is it so complicated?” 

“It just is.”  Chloe sighed.  “I never expected this.  I came to New York to further my career and to, well, I guess to find a place to fit.  Not to ‘catch a husband’ as some of the ladies back home would say.”

“Chloe, you can’t help how you feel, not everything can be planned.”

“No. I know.”  Chloe agreed with this, but at the same time she felt that it should not have happened so.  Why was it that she had to meet James now when she was at such a very important and transitional step in her life?  He intruded in her life almost forcefully, that day when she very nearly was run over.  His eyes were what she saw from the first time they met.  How they could make her feel as if he was reading into her mind and soul, she did not know, but it was a familiar and safe and scary feeling all at one time.  Chloe knew she would never want to endanger their friendship or whatever closer feelings they had, but sometimes she wished she could have met him at another time. 

I certainly hope this little bit of my fiction doesn’t induce you to run screaming from your computer or shove it out the nearest window.  Maybe it will give you a warm fuzzy of slightly interested feeling like me.  Thanks for stopping by and reading!